We recommend wellness exams every year for all young adult dogs and cats in order to prevent/detect medical problems. We recommend semi-annual wellness exams for pets 7 years of age and older. Pets age faster than we do and as a result, health problems can progress much more rapidly. Regular wellness examinations will confirm that your pet is healthy or help catch problems before they can become more serious. Your pet’s semi-annual veterinary visit will include some, if not all of the following: a health consultation, blood work, a physical examination, pain assessment, nutritional counseling, vaccinations if necessary, an intestinal parasite screening and a recommendation for an on-going wellness routine.

Quality nutrition is a key component of wellness. Feeding your pet a quality food can mean different things to different people. Some veterinarians may recommend a processed kibble like Science Diet. Not us. Many conventional veterinarians may disagree with some of our views on nutrition, but we have seen the long-term benefits of grain-free and even raw diets. The most important thing to remember is every pet is an individual, and there is not one food that will be appropriate for all dogs. Our veterinarians can help you explore the best dietary options for your pet.

What vaccines do we use? 

Occasionally pet owners want to know exactly what type of vaccines we use (brand, whether it’s “killed” or “modified live”). Note: ALL our vaccines are thimerosal-free.

For dogs/puppies, we have two different “distemper” vaccines:

  1. DAPP – This is our standard puppy booster. DAPP stands for Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parvovirus-Parainfluenza. It is a modified live vaccine made by Nobivac (Merck Animal Health). Once the puppy vaccine series is completed, we recommend a booster at 1 year, or if the owner prefers, we can perform a vaccine titer.
  2. Distemper-Parvo: This vaccine is a simpler version of the above (modified live, made by Nobivac) that does not contain Adenovirus or Parainfluenza. This is the vaccine of choice for owners who want to follow the Dr. Jean Dodds vaccination protocol.

We have four different rabies vaccines:

  1. Imrab1: This is a 1-year rabies vaccine primarily used for a puppy’s first rabies shot.
  2. Imrab3: This is a 3-year rabies vaccine available for dogs and cats (although we prefer to use the Purevax rabies vaccine for cats when possible). We also use Imrab3 for ferrets, but it is only licensed for 1 year in ferrets.
  3. Purevax Rabies 1-year (CATS ONLY): This vaccine is used for a kitten’s first rabies shot.
  4. Purevax Rabies 3-year (CATS ONLY): This vaccine is preferred for rabies protection for cats. Due to the laborious licensing process, this is one of the most expensive vaccines available for cats, but we feel strongly that it is the best and safest option for vaccinating your cat against rabies. Please call us for pricing or if you need more information.

FVRCP: We use Zoetis Felocell-3. This is a non-adjuvanted modified-live virus vaccine. Once the kitten vaccine series has been completed, we recommend an FVRCP vaccine one year later. Further FVRCP vaccination can be determined on a case-by-case basis. We also routinely perform vaccine titers for cats.

FeLV: We use Purevax FeLV vaccines for feline leukemia when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the cat or kitten (e.g. outdoor kitties).


We follow AAHA and AAFP guidelines for vaccination protocols, including location of injections.