What Accreditation means for Pet Owners

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) provides a means to show our community the dedication our hospital has in providing unsurpassed quality care for small animals. Choosing an AAHA accredited veterinary practice for your pets’ medical care assures you that the hospital you have chosen has the facilities, equipment, staff, and medical protocols that the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) believes are important for the delivery of high quality care. Voluntary commitment to these standards demonstrates that Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center has chosen to have itself measured by an outside organization against the most rigorous published standards in the veterinary industry.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) reminds pet owners that they can help pets live longer and healthier lives by taking their pets to the veterinarian for annual physical exams, vaccinations, and dental care as well as providing pets with environmental enrichment, complete nutrition, and exercise.

Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center is proud to be the only AAHA-accredited practice in Lenexa, KS.  In order to become accredited, we are required to meet AAHA’s standards for hospital facilities and services in 12 specific areas. A trained AAHA consultant periodically visits the hospital to thoroughly evaluate the facility to be sure we are in compliance. The following areas are covered in the American Animal HospitalAssociation or AAHA standards:

  • Orderly and adequate medical records: These are critical for the pet’s welfare and continuity of care. Records are reviewed on site and there must be an individual record for each pet.
  • Complete diagnostic facilities: There must be examination rooms, radiology services, clinical pathology services and the equipment to provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital must be fully equipped to make prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment. An on-site library of basic textbooks and current periodicals is also required.
  • Complete pharmacy facilities: The most frequently used medicines must be available at all times, controlled substances must be monitored, and clients must by adequately informed concerning treatment.
  • Proper anesthetic procedures: The hospital must conduct a pre-anesthetic examination before surgery and provide a safe, painless, state-of-the-art anesthesia during surgery.
  • Modern surgical facilities: We must have an aseptic, single-use room for surgery. Proper lighting, sterile equipment and procedures, and easy access to drugs and equipment are required.
  • Nursing care: Our skilled veterinary technicians contribute greatly to the professional care your pets receive from diagnosis through recuperation.
  • Properly maintained environment: Safe and sanitary conditions must be maintained throughout the hospital, from the reception area to the kennel, including the outside premises.
  • Emergency service: Each AAHA hospital must provide or have access to 24 hour emergency service for their clients.  We are fortunate to have two 24-hour referral practices in our area, Bluepearl Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center and VCA Mission.
  • Dental Service: Oral hygiene is as important to a pet’s health as it is to your own health.  All patients are intubated (a breathing tube is placed to protect the airway) and under anesthesia, and dental xrays are available to ensure thorough evaluation of structures not visible to the naked eye.

Only the best hospitals receive AAHA Accreditation.

For excellent information on pet care and veterinary services visit the American Animal Hospital Association web site.  www.aaha.org