Jody Frankian, Office Manager

Jody was born in Ohio and graduated from Villanova in Pennsylvania. While she has lived all over the country, Overland Park has been home since 1983. She enjoys working with people and pets, so working at a veterinary clinic was a natural fit. She spent 8 years at a local veterinary practice before joining Mariposa Veterinary Center in June 2009. Hobbies include following college basketball (especially the Jayhawks) and hanging out with her animals.

  • Family: Husband, 2 children (grown), 2 dogs, 2 cats, one grand-dog and one grand-cat
  • Fun Fact: Taught sailing in high school and college
  • If she could live anywhere, it would be: San Diego

Sue J., Registered Veterinary Technician

Sue grew up in New Jersey but is originally from Kansas City. As a child, she spent summers at the Jersey shore and still feels a deep connection to the ocean: “That Jersey shore was a quaint, local town, with ice cream and families, not what you see on TV!” About 2 years ago, she made the decision to leave her corporate career and start anew in the veterinary field. She graduated from the Maple Woods Veterinary Technician program in May 2015.

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: Because she wants to be surrounded by animals all night and all day!
  • Family: Multiple cats and a horse
  • Favorite movie: Thelma & Louise
  • Hobbies: Horses, riding

Brooke, Registered Veterinary Technician

Originally from Pennsylvania but has lived in the KC area for almost 20 years!

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: I took a lifetime love of animals and combined it with a passion for customer service – to provide care for pets and knowledge to owners for a lifetime of health.
  • Family: Dicken –  Terrier mutt (most adorable doge ever) and Batman – a Dutch rabbit
  • Favorite movies: A Knight’s Tale
  • Hobbies: Baking (I love making cookies and marshmallows) and sewing (mostly costumes for conventions)
  • Fun Fact: I find extreme joy in nerding out over pop culture and love attending conventions in my cosplay creations!

Stephanie, Registered Veterinary Technician

Stephanie is originally from Oklahoma. She joined Mariposa in July 2014 as part of a career change. After graduating the Maplewoods Veterinary Technology program in 2017, she is now a proud registered vet tech!

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: “Finally realized my 12-year old self had it right and I’m now pursuing a career caring for animals.”
  • Family: Husband, 4 cats (Charlie, Emilio, Margie/Lil’M, Carl), and 2 rats (Ferris and Cameron)
  • Favorite movie: Goodfellas
  • Fun fact: Went scuba diving with dolphins on a trip to Israel
  • Hobbies: Travel, photography, reading

Brittany, Veterinary Technician

“Someone who helps animals,” as a child, that was always Brittany’s dream. Now, she fulfills her childhood aspirations as a veterinary technician. Joining Mariposa in 2018, her career path has always included animals. Brittany came to Mariposa from a local animal shelter, and has grown to love the adventure of working at Mariposa, where, she says, “You’ll never know what kind of animal you’ll get to work with.”

Working at Mariposa has provided Brittany with exposure to species she had not previously encountered like reptiles and amphibians, which allows her to get outside of her comfort zone. Outside of work, Brittany has a young son who is always on the go. Together, they enjoy hands-on, outdoor activities and sports. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys  tackling Pinterest crafts and baking for her family. Together, she and her husband Brett enjoy attending local drag races, which Brett competes in, and browsing local car shows, where they occasionally show off his white ’93 fox body mustang.

Deana, Veterinary Technician

“If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you a veterinarian or a police officer. My 10-year-old self would be proud that I’ve worked in both fields at this point in my career. After 10 years of working for Johnson County Government in a variety of public safety careers, it was time for a change and I decided to attend veterinary technician school.”

Deana boasts several years of experience in veterinary shelter medicine. She sought something different when she joined Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center as a veterinarian technician in 2018. “It’s progressive,” she says, “Mariposa veterinarians think outside the box and allow me to expand my skills and knowledge by exposing me to unique species and alternative treatments.” A native of the Kansas City area, Deana grew up in Olathe and currently resides in the suburbs with her partner, Kristi, as well as their furry family of dogs and cats.

If you’re looking for music and entertainment, Deana and Kristi know how to DJ as the owners of Track 12 Entertainment. When she’s not at caring for animals or pumping up a party, you’ll find Deana watching local sports teams from the couch with Kristi and their fur kiddos. If she ever wins the lottery, Deana is moving to the beach! She would love nothing more than a small house right on the ocean where she can cuddle her critters and enjoy a never ending supply of Haribo gummies.

Mandy, Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Desoto, Kansas

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: I have a strong passion for animals and their well-being.
  • Family: I have a very loving family of 5. I am also owned by two cats, Tigger and Eeyore.
  • Favorite movies: Dances with Wolves
  • Hobbies: Hiking, snow skiing, wake-boarding, long-boarding and pretty much anything outdoors
  • Fun Fact: In high school I was in FFA and had a pet hog named Lula, whom I would show at livestock and agriculture shows. I also had a horse and always imagined myself being a technician for a large animal practice. After working at Mariposa for awhile, small and exotic animals have become my passion.

Olesya, Technician Assistant

Around Mariposa, you’ll find Olesya working with animals of all species and caring for our boarding patients and resident animals as a technician assistant. With a work ethic that just won’t quit, Olesya started as a kennel attendant at Mariposa through her desire to work more closely with our patients of all shapes and sizes. With experience working in multiple areas of the clinic, Olesya has a wealth of knowledge that her teammates rely on daily. From bearded dragons to snakes, guinea pigs to rats, cats to dogs – Olesya loves providing help to each animal who walks through our doors.

Born in Kazan, Russia, Olesya came to the United States in the early 2000s through a work program and decided to stay. Originally landing in New York , she now calls Kansas City home with her two cats, Kumar and Marrianna, and a sweet, smiling dog named Niko. Olesya is a movie aficionado, a beautiful artist with a talent for painting and lover of yoga and the outdoors. The true way to her heart is a great cup of coffee!

Natalie, Technician Assistant

Boasting a life-long passion for science, Natalie holds a bachelors’ degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Truman State University, but animal care is where her heart is. “I love being a technician assistant because I care a lot about those who don’t have a voice, and I want to help them anyway I can.” Joining us from a mixed animal practice in a rural area, Natalie brings experience caring for everyone from small mammals to bovine and equine patients. She has a love for learning and a desire to expand her knowledge base at every opportunity. “I’m passionate about helping and healing hurting animals,” Natalie says. “I like the opportunities I have at Mariposa to provide enhanced care to patients through a combination of eastern and western medicine.”

At home, she has two rabbits, Misty, who she’s had since college, and Luna, her newest addition. Natalie also has a Quarter Horse mare named Gracie, who she’s been riding since age 14. In her spare time, Natalie and her husband love to read (they have more than a thousand titles currently in their home). She also enjoys bird watching and can proudly identify most songbirds native to the Midwest region based on their sound, a talent she picked up in high school while volunteering with Wild Bird Rehabilitation.

Even though her childhood dreams consisted of being with horses full time, Natalie believes her 10-year-old self would be impressed with her career choices leading her to Mariposa. “It’s a unique practice full of unique people dedicated to doing everything possible to achieve the best health for each pet,” she says.

Annette, Client Service Representative

Annette is a retired paramedic with 30 years’ experience in the Johnson County area. She became involved in search and rescue in 1998 as a way to help her German shepherds focus their energy and is now a K9 evaluator for the National Association for Search and Rescue. She is also a trainer for the Midwest Hundesport Association.  She has an Associates degree in Applied Science.

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: My love for animals, another outlet for my medical background
  • Family: 2 German shepherds: Jaeger Meister and Enye
  • Favorite movies: Somewhere in Time, Twister, The Blind Side
  • Hobbies: Search and Rescue (SAR), crochet and some crafting, cooking, fly fishing

Julia, Client Service Representative

Moved to the Overland Park area from Utah in ’94, been here ever since!

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: There is nothing on earth I’m more passionate about than animals and the bonds they have with their humans. I’m also very much into alternative wellness, so I knew Mariposa was the perfect place for me!
  • Family: Four kids! Mhya – Germand Shepherd; Thor – Newfoundland; Mabel– Bernese Mountain dog; Roxy–Rosy boa.
  • Favorite Movie: Legends of the Fall; A River Runs Through It
  • Hobbies: Running daily with my dogs, yoga, rock hounding, making handcrafted jewelry with crystals and stones.
  • Fun Fact: My second lifelong passion is ballet–I started dancing when I was 21 months old.

Amber, Client Service Representative

As a Navy brat, Amber has lived all over the world, including Cuba and Scotland. Most recently, she lived in Oklahoma and now resides in Lenexa, Kansas.

  • Why She Works at a Veterinary Hospital: I am passionate about animals and people, and Mariposa gives me the chance to help both!
  • Family: I live with my husband Brian and our two teenagers Devon and Bridgit.  Completing out my family is Bijou, our shepherd/Malamute mix; Belle, our Pomapoo; Dr. Tobias, our cat and Leo, our red-eared slider turtle.
  • Favorite movies: I can’t choose just one! I’m a movie buff, but especially love old musicals and modern horror.
  • Hobbies: I enjoy cosplaying with my family, crocheting and sewing weird costumes.
  • Fun Fact: I do children’s charity events and visit children’s hospitals in costume as a princess!

Robin, Client Service Representative

“At Mariposa, I’ve found a family I didn’t know I had,” Robin says. “This is a place where everyone feels welcomed, included, at home; I was drawn to the energy here before I even started,” she shares. As one of our friendly customer service representatives, Robin brings a heart full of joy and many laughs to Mariposa.

Although, as a child, she wanted nothing more than to star on Broadway, Robin’s daily enthusiasm and compassion make the Mariposa team and our clients very happy that this KC native stayed right here in the Midwest. Robin boasts years of customer service experience from multiple sources and she doesn’t shy away from any animal or owner who enters our doors. She’s fluent in American Sign Language and enjoys using her skills when applicable at work. At home, she lives with a variety of pets ranging from dogs to fish, snakes, rats and hamsters as well as several human children. Throughout the fall, you’ll find Robin entertaining her other love, theatre, playing the role of a chess piece at the Renaissance Festival in the Chess Match.

Susan Hinds, Client Service Representative

Bio coming soon!



Meg McDonald, Client Service Representative

Meg joined Mariposa in late 2018 from another local veterinary clinic. “Health, wellness and animals, those are my passions,” Meg says. A graduate of The University of Kansas, Meg was originally interested in exploring a career as a mental health counselor working with people. The pursuit of her graduate degree at Mid America Nazarene, left her burnt out and overwhelmed upon graduation. Mental health didn’t seem to be the right fit, but something about the health care world stuck with her.

While exploring job opportunities in an effort to find her passion, Meg and her high school sweet-heart turned husband, Kevin, fostered an aggressive husky puppy, who completely changed her direction in life. During this time, Meg took an interest in dog training and animal wellness as she sought the best way to help her foster dog acclimate and prepare for adoption. She found the ability to integrate her mental health and psychology education with an animal who desperately needed her help and compassion. With a background in psychology and counseling, and an interest in helping animals, Meg found veterinary wellness to be the perfect career fit. “Mariposa is such a heart-centered environment. Once I entered the veterinary world, I knew Mariposa is where I wanted to be. I know my own pets are in the best hands when they’re here and that’s exactly the type of environment I wanted to contribute to,” she says. She is also currently studying dog training as a dog behavioral intern.

“It’s my dream to combine both of my worlds into one, working to train service dogs and pair them with people who struggle with physical and mental health issues,” Meg says. She hopes to one day make this dream a reality. At home, Meg and her husband have three big kiddos: a husky named Denali, a boxer/vizla mix named Finnley and a great dane named Ralph.

Shannon, Kennel Assistant

Shannon is a local girl born who was raised in Overland Park, Kansas. She’s been in the business of animal care for over 25 years and her life’s passion has always been working with and helping pets. Shannon started out as a veterinary assistant in 1990 and she’s had the opportunity to work with multiple veterinary clinics. Today, Shannon does a little bit of everything around Mariposa. She is technically a kennel attendant, but she always goes wherever she is needed, assisting techs, doctors and even front staff when necessary.

“Rescue pets are my family, and my house and life are always full,” Shannon says. With a heart for rescue animals and adoptions, Shannon is mom to a crew of both dogs and cats at home. When she’s not at Mariposa, caring for patients and assisting with their comfort, Shannon keeps busy with her pet sitting and walking business named Pet Blessed. “I love being a caregiver for animals. They inspire me to be my best,” she says. “Outside of pet sitting, I enjoy offering pet transportation services to get animals to their veterinarian or grooming appointments. It’s unique and fun to do!”

Taya, Kennel Assistant

Most days, you’ll find Taya in our office assisting our veterinarians and technicians or caring for our medical boarding clients. Taya brings a passion for working with shy and fearful dogs to our clinic, sparked by her experience working at Wayside Waifs in their behavior modification department and fueled with Mariposa’s Fear Free practices. She uses her skills to keep our medical boarders tranquil and happy during their stay in her role as our kennel technician.  Taya also takes charge of the care for our office animals, Captain Jack, Princess Ariel and Sherlock.

Taya has a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Missouri and looks forward to expanding her duties at Mariposa as she continues her education through Dallas County’s remote veterinary technician program. She enjoys that “no two days are ever the same” at Mariposa and that she is constantly learning and experiencing new things. She considers Mariposa to be a, “Unique and special place where the doctors and staff love helping animals.” When she’s not at work loving on our patients, she’s at home cuddling her German Shepherd/ Husky mix, Helios, and her domestic shorthair cat, Queenie. In addition to pets, her obsession is JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, both the books and the movies.

Princess Ariel, Patient Care Supervisor

Ariel performs the important role of distracting patients during examination, blood draws and other procedures, which makes our jobs easier and provides stress relief for our patients! She also keeps tabs on everyone during the work day. Ariel is often seen supervising our technicians and ensuring things are in order. In her spare time, she naps on warm laundry and searches for things to bat around the clinic floor.

Nickname: Princess

Fun Fact: She’s allergic to fish, and we can tell when she’s had some because her ears turn red.

Hobbies: Chewing on plants and assisting our patients in need (she always knows when she’s needed).

Sherlock, Front Door Greeter

Sherlock is an Umbrella Cockatoo who was rescued by Dr. Michelle Chappell, founder of Mariposa Veterinary Center. We estimated his hatch year to be 1966, making him an early senior in bird years. His life span could reach beyond 70+ years!

Favorite color: Purple

Fun Fact: He loves piñatas! He gets a new one every few weeks.

Dislikes: Trucks (he tends to scream when he sees them in our parking lot) and people who walk “too quickly”

In Memoriam…

In the early morning hours of December, 11, 2018, Mariposa said goodbye to our dear Captain Jack. After many wonderful years of beating the odds and surpassing his estimated life expectancy, our sweet Jack finally succumbed to a genetic heart condition. He was our cheerful greeter,  biscuit maker and paper warmer, and a constant friend and comfort to all who knew him. He loved everyone he met, which got him into trouble with dogs from time-to-time. There is a Jack-shaped hole in our hearts. We will miss him always.