Petandim (for dogs)

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Health Supplement


A First for Dogs – NASC Approved
The first canine supplement to combat oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation, Petandim is the result of our collaboration with world-renowned pet product formulator William Barnett, DVM. Together we created a product specifically formulated and properly dosed for canine consumption — a delicate balance that uses the same active ingredients as Protandim but also includes omega-3 fatty acids and collagen, making it like no other canine supplement on the market. Canine Health’s unique formulation uses marine sources for omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and is an excellent source of DHA, which is virtually absent from canine diets.

  • Support brain, heart and eye functions
  • Support normal joint function, mobility and flexibility
  • Support cognitive function

Petandim is now the ONLY Nrf2 activator pet supplement on the market.

The clinical trial conducted was a double-blind, placebo controlled, multi-site, 80 dog study. Within a short period of time, it was obvious to each vet administering the dosage whether they were given the placebo or the actual Canine Health to administer.

How much should you give your dog?

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