Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine & more…

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in the Kansas City area (we are located in Lenexa, but our clients come from all over the KC metro area and beyond) who embraces natural pet

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care, as well as an integrated approach to veterinary medicine, you have found the right place.

Chinese Herbs

The use of plants as medicine is the basis of pharmacology today. Instead of isolating an active ingredient as is done in pharmacology, an entire plant or a basic part such as a stem, leaf, root or flower is used to treat an illness in herbal medicine. There are also herbs made from minerals, shells, and a few from insects or animal parts like the hoof. For instance, ground oyster shell, called mu li, is an herb. Mu li has the

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effect of “settling the spirit” or causing relaxation. In traditional Chinese medicine, individual herbs may be mixed in recipes that are called formulas. Mu li is used in one formula at Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center called Chai hu ji long mu tang, or Bupleurum and Oyster Shell Combination. This formula helps one who is feeling hot and anxious, stressed easily, and perhaps aggressive . Herbs affect mind, body and spirit and are given in a pet’s food.


Tui-Na is a massage art performed along the meridians at acupressure points. It produces relaxation and increased blood flow and releases areas of congested energy which produce pain

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and discomfort. It is easily taught so that pets can receive the therapy at home for 5 minutes twice daily with the points that are specific to their well-being. It can be used for multiple purposes such as pain management, enhanced food digestion, stroke rehabilitation, relaxation, and more.

Flower Essences

Flower essences contain the healing energy of flowers that are effective for the psyche and emotions of our pets. The blends offered at Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center are Spirit Essence. Essences for storm phobia, separation anxiety, territorial stresses, and training are a few that are available.

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oil therapy involves the use of the oils of plants that have a history of healing abilities. Only therapeutic grade essential oils are used by Dr King. Unlike oils intended for the food or perfume industry, therapeutic grade oils are of the highest quality. From planting to harvesting, distilling to testing, care is taken to ensure the healing integrity of every drop. In France, the medical profession has embraced essential oil therapy using the oils for fighting infections, building the immune system, balancing the nervous system and even assisting with cancer therapy. Many of the same results are achieved when therapeutic grade oils are applied to pets with the added benefit of the guardian’s enjoyment of the oil too!